Aerosol can size and range

The aerosol cans are manufactured as per the requirements of the customer and the sizes range from Dia. 45 to Dia 65 and Length of 100 mm to 250 mm. These cover a wide range of capacities from 100 ml to 650 ml.

Product Capacity Type Special characteristics
Ø 45mm, Ø 52mm, Ø 65mm. 100-650 ML Aerosol Spray Printed /Plain, Lacquered

Note: Size , Range capacity shown in the table above are for indicative purposes only. As continuous upgradation and aligning with market needs are ongoing process at Vaspal Packaging LLP, the specifications and details are likely to change. Please contact Vaspal Packaging LLP representative to discuss your needs.

Vaspal Packaging LLP supplies Aerosol cans for applications in Lubricants, Speciality chemicals and maintenance products. These find use in Health care/Pharma, veterinary and Home Care applications as well.