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Product Type Application
Ø 45mm, Ø 52mm, Ø 65mm. Top Cone and Dome Aerosol Spray cans
Ø 52mm, Ø 65mm, Ø 83mm, Ø 105mm. Mono tops Brush in cans
Ø 52mm, Ø 65mm, Ø 73mm, Ø 83mm, Ø 99mm, Ø 105mm Plain with or without Bead Bottom lids
Ø 73mm EOE Food packaging
Ø 83mm,Ø 105mm DT Ring Paint cans
Ø 74mm, Ø 83mm, Ø 99mm. Ring Lid Tagger assembly Food packaging

Note: Size , Range capacity shown in the table above are for indicative purposes only. As continuous upgradation and aligning with market needs are ongoing process at Vaspal Packaging LLP, the specifications and details are likely to change. Please contact Vaspal Packaging LLP representative to discuss your needs.

Top Cone and Dome:
Mono tops:
Plain Bottom Lids:
Bottom Lids with Beads
Easy Open Ends
DT Ring: This is the industry norm for paint cans as it offers good leak tightness and excellent protection from spillage concerns.
Ring Lid Tagger assembly: This offers a convenient, safe and easy way to open and seal the container and is very popular in the Food packaging industry. Also known as coin lever type in certain segments.